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Laugh And Cum On Funny Adult Games

The funny niche of the adult gaming world is pretty appreciated. It seems like porn doesn’t always have to be that serious in order to be good. That’s what both adult developers and porn directors used to think before. And they were making us cringe with scenarios that were not believable at all. Well, some of them realized that and started putting out porn that makes you both cum and laugh. And the comedy comes in many ways within the sexual context of the games on our site. On the one hand, you have the parody games, that spoof a concept or a character in hilarious manners. But we also have games where the humor is more sophisticated, delivered through text dialogue or funky situations.

Parodies And XXX Spoofs On Funny Adult Games

If you spend enough time on the naughty side of the web or if you are a horny anime fan, then you surely heard about the Rule34 of the internet. The rule says that if something exists there is surely porn of it and it mostly applies to cartoons, movies, and video games. Think about any game that doesn’t have anything sexual going on. Let’s say Minecraft. Wouldn’t you be surprised to find out that there’s Minecraft porn on the internet? Well, there is and we have some of it. We bring you a title in which you can customize your own Minecraft characters and enjoy funny adult interactions with either NPCs or other horny gamers in multiplayer mode.

On Funny Adult Games we also gathered parody titles featuring all kinds of characters from cartoons you would never imagine in a sexual situation. And because of that you’ll be crying and laughing over your dick which will oddly be hard as a rock. Have you ever imagined what kinds of kinks Teletubies might enjoy? You don’t have to imagine anymore because we have a game about that. (PS: the purple Teletubby is the biggest cumslut of them all). Other characters that ended up spoofed in games on our site are Tom & Jerry, the characters of Looney Toons and even Mikey Mouse.

Funny Adult Games From The Arcade Era

I still remember the first funny sex game I ever played on a computer. It was back in the 2000s and it was about a black sheep who was trying to fuck all the white sheep while also staying away from the Sheppard and his dog who would fuck him right in the ass whenever he’d get caught. It was pretty ridiculous and it never intended to focus on getting your dick hard. But you’d eventually get aroused by the playtime. Just like that game, you’ll find other arcade-themed titles in which you will have to solve different challenges in order to achieve a certain number of points on Funny Adult Games. For example, you can be a tentacle monster in a public pool who rapes women while the lifeguard is not looking. Or a dog with a massive cock running around the city fucking women. There’s even a game in which you’ll have to guess if a character is a cis woman or a tranny. Or one in which you’ll try to sneak behind women in the bus or at work trying to smell their farts. For most these games might be hilarious. But others with the right kink will find them both funny and arousing.

Funny Adult Games Is Free And Safe

Everything you see on our site can be played directly in your browser and we ask for nothing in return. There won’t be a paywall, there won’t be a request from us to give up personal data and we don’t even track your browser activity to feed you annoying targeted ads. All we have on the site are a couple of banners advertising some of our trusted porn sponsors from both the film and cam sex niches. You can visit them after you finish with all our content. But you should come back every now and then because we constantly add new titles to this collection. The Funny Adult Games collection comes on a well-organized site where finding the right content is so easy thanks to efficient browsing tools. Come to cum and laugh, tonight!

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